Friday, August 29, 2008

Kennedy twins Matt and Joe make party twice as nice

Meet the future of the Kennedy Dynasty: twin bros Matt and Joe Kennedy.
The sons of ex-Congressman Joe Kennedy, the handsome 27-year-olds have been front and center for the clan at the DNC in Denver all week long.
On Wednesday, the boys stood with grammy Ethel Kennedy and aunt Kerry Kennedy to welcome the hundreds of guests to the RFK Memorial reception. The twins spent over an hour shaking hands, schmoozing the guests and posing for pics in the receiving line. And despite the massive contingent of pols, fixers, celebs and Kennedys at the event, the buzz was all about Matt and Joe.
“They are really nice kids,” said one Demmie insider. “And they appear to have the Kennedy charm.”
Perhaps the clan’s famous charisma skipped a generation. Because the sons and daughters of JFK, RFK and Ted Kennedy haven’t exactly set the world on fire. But Matt and Joe seem to be off to a fine start if they have any plans to eventually enter the family business.
Joe, a redhead who more resembles the Kennedys, is entering his third year at Harvard Law. He is spending the summer as an intern at the Cape & Islands District Attorney’s Office.
Matt, the spitting image of mom, Sheila Rauch Kennedy, is a Harvard Business School grad who works full time for Barack Obama’s campaign.
(Dad, Joe, BTW, dropped out of Harvard and eventually got his degree from UMass-Boston.)
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